Incredible Cartoon Caricatures Carefully Designed

Welcome to HipMascots! a pixel perfection mascot illustration studio.

Looking for an attention grabber?

Are you looking for a way to quickly grab your customer's attention? A good logo design is a good start, but it’s common these days. Instead of a regular logo, you should also consider a Cartoon Logo or Mascot. A mascot will give your product or service, someone who your customers can envision and like. Not only that, but make your product more personal (almost like they’re dealing with a real person in a friendly way, a salesman working for you 24/7). Of course, mascot design is not as simple as a one-dimensional logo. Refined technique and creative spirit are needed when it comes to designing great characters. At Hip Mascots, our illustrators can handle your needs and desires the way you deserve, proof of this is the Mascot design process video above.

Fast and Easy

Most design services are exceptionally cumbersome, difficult to navigate and frustrating. At Hip Mascots, we understand that you don’t want to deal with every little detail, yet you want a great mascot design. Getting started is simple. Once you are ready to start, you’ll fill out a submission form that will help you outline everything that you want your mascot or Cartoon Logo to be. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and we’ve refined the submission process to eliminate any unnecessary steps. Are you still a little hesitant to use Hip Mascots? Then why don’t you try one of our previously created mascot design characters, download here our mascot sample and check its super quality and carefully designed details.

Why do I need a Mascot or Cartoon Logo?

The competition is fierce and it used to be that a catchy logo was all you needed to captivate your customers, but that was before the internet. Now, you have to engage your customers beyond a cool brand design. Do you want to separate yourself from the rest of the competition? Then you need a cartoon caricature that suits your brand. A mascot that engage your customers, giving them a face that will guide them everywhere they want to go. Don’t believe us? Look at the mascots in our gallery. You won’t quickly forget their faces, and you will probably feel more engaged than if you were just reading through some bland text on a website rather than having a character accompanying the information. Having the right mascot is important. That’s why you should use us to help with your cartoon logo or mascot design. So what are you waiting for? Give us a try, contact us today and see what crazy cartoon designs we can come up with!

Why should I choose Hip Mascots?

For starters, we have worked with more than 200 companies to design beautiful, fully immersive mascot designs and cartoon logos. We’ve been doing this since 2005 and we don’t intend to stop. All of our illustrators are highly experienced and fully dedicated character and cartoon specialists. Our illustrators will work directly with you, listening intently to your feedback and making sure that you are fully satisfied with the work created, our mad drawing skills will allow you to explore any idea you might have no matter how crazy it may sound, we can sketch it and turn it into a stunning mascot design. Give us a try, our custom mascot design services start at an insanely low price of $349, and our stock mascots at $9.99!. Check out our Mascot design and Cartoon Logo products

Do you sell stock mascot designs?

Sure, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom mascot design, you can always get one of our pre-designed mascots. Stock mascots are always a good way to accompany your brand but still save some dollars in your pocket. You can use them to promote anything and get your customers hooked with your brand. Check our pre-designed cartoon mascots here.