Mascot and Logo Design Processes

We'll design your mascot or Logo in 4 simple steps

1. Mascot Brief Stage

Naturally you have ideas for your own Mascot Design or Cartoon Logo, in order to make it easy for you to communicate them to our designers, the very first step is to fill our online mascot design form or cartoon logo form. In these forms you will be able to explain how you imagine the character, our team of artists and designers will carefully review your ideas and as a result our team will have a starting point for the design.

2. Mascot Sketch Stage

Once we have a clear input, our designers will begin sketching various concepts for your mascot design or cartoon logo, each artist will draw how he conceives your character (based on you ideas). A selection of the best 4 sketches will be presented to you via email. You will be able to review them, select what you like and make changes to these sketches up to 3 times. This simple process will allow you to get the perfect mascot design for you. Once we have a final sketch we are ready for digital illustration.

3. Mascot Illustration Stage

When you approve the final sketch, our designers are ready to bring your mascot design or cartoon logo to life by rendering it. We will illustrate a first color version of the final sketch which will be presented to you. You will be able to make changes in colors and shadows up to 3 times, this process will allow you to explore different colors until you get the perfect mascot design or cartoon logo.

4. Mascot/Logo Pack Delivery Stage

Once the final mascot design or cartoon logo is ready and you give us approval, Hip Mascots designers will start illustrating the vector versions (full color, grey scale, black, and outlines), then we will make the final mascot pack or logo pack which will contain your final illustration in several file formats like jpg, png, pdf, ai, eps. You don’t need to worry about all these files, just know they are everything you need to use your mascot or logo anywhere.

How Hip Works?

Why choose Hip Mascots?


Our team of designers and artists has created hundreds of mascots for customers all around the world.

Creative Spirit

Each of our designers has passion for pixel perfect illustrations, we are art lovers and illustration/design enthusiasts.

Highly Flexible

We adapt to your ideas, sketch artwork based on them and improve aspects that result in amazing graphics you will not believe.

Focused on Details

Attention to details is what makes a great illustrator. We focus our creative skills on drawing your needs peculiarly detailed.